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Centennial Conversations

Throughout our Centennial year, we’re inviting notable alumni and exciting guests to campus to speak with students, faculty and staff, and other members of our Burroughs community. Recaps from their visits are available below.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham '02
Brittany Packnett Cunningham ’02, a leader at the intersection of culture, justice, and policy, was honored with both the Distinguished Service and Outstanding Alumna awards in October 2022. This video features excerpts from student-led discussions with Packnett Cunningham about her work and experiences at Burroughs and beyond.
Anton Troianovski '04
Anton Troianovski ’04, who currently works as the Moscow bureau chief for The New York Times, returned to Burroughs in January 2023 to speak about his experiences as a foreign correspondent covering Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This video features Troianovski’s full remarks, covering his assessments of Putin’s psychology, how Western journalists are combating the information war being waged by Russia’s propaganda machine, and much more.